Commercial Security Alarms

Custom Commercial Alarm System:

It must provide good detection, be within your budget and look nice. We do not have a cookie-cutter approach to alarms; we work with each individual to build a system with your needs in mind and within your budget. We will not spend your money unnecessarily. If you just need a simple alarms or ones that can do fancy reporting, we do it.

A recent job we did wanted the usual things, like notification if the power went off of if someone disarmed the system when they were not supposed to be there. But they also wanted to send a text message to management whenever the side warehouse door was opened. The original concern was inventory walking out the door, but it ended up alerting management to the fact that people were sneaking out for long breaks or even leaving for hours.

Phone line Vs. Cellular Vs. Internet monitoring

Phone line monitoring is the most affordable monitoring, because you are providing the communication path. Traditional phone lines are also the most reliable. However, it could be cut during a break-in and if it is your only means of communication, your system can only make noise. Another newer problem with phone lines is most are now VOIP. VOIP is not always reliable for an alarm system.

Cellular monitoring has its good side and bad. The best thing about cellular: it is very difficult for a burglar to defeat. The bad, it’s only 98-99% reliable and a little slower. We all have had dropped calls, or the local tower is down for a few minutes, and our signal is gone. Cellular is also subject to power outages. Another thing to consider is the technology will have to be upgraded every 4-8 years as the cell phone companies drop the older format in favor of newer faster ones.

Internet monitoring can still be tampered with but can also can be supervised notifying you when it is down. Internet is very fast and gives you control of your alarm from a web-enabled phone and through our secure web server. The technology should be good for the next 20+ years and is very reliable. Our  alarm system has its own battery backup but your Internet modem is subject to power outages. We highly recommend you get a UPC battery backup for your modem to keep the internet going in the event of a power outage.

Best, use both Cellular and Internet

Dual path is the way to go. Send your signals through the Internet for speed and through the cellular network when the Internet is down. Also when connected with most alarm systems, this gives you the ability to receive text messages of alarms or people arming & disarming your alarm. Using our secure app on your smart phone or the web, you can also control your system and see a log of your alarm activity. With the best reliability and convenience this is a must have for any new system and a terrific add-on to most existing systems.

Alarm Monitoring:

  • 24 hours a day 365 days a year burglar and fire alarm monitoring
  • Monitoring through Phone, Internet and The Cellular Network
  • Receive notifications via text and email messages
  • Control your system with your smart phone
  • Phone line monitoring $21.95
  • IP-Cellular monitoring $34.95
  •  24-hour technical support
  • Nationwide Monitoring
  • Local Monitoring