Surveillance Camera Systems

Install security cameras for your home or business

See who is disarming your system, who is around your house, who is in the cash register or have an email sent to you when someone pulls into your driveway. Many options to choose from such as complete surveillance and detection or something as simple as checking on the baby from your living room TV. Call and we will send one of our knowledgeable specialists to your place for an analysis.

  • On Site DVR recording
  • IP based NVR recording
  • Off site secure hosted recording

In 2000 digital surveillance came out and changed the surveillance world forever. In 2012 newer digital analytics and IP have come down in price, so what would cost $10,000 per camera is now so affordable that the average home or business owner can buy a nice system for just a few thousand dollars.

Hosted intelligent video surveillance and alarm verification solutions provide critical, real-time video alerts to verify and prioritize alarms, stop crimes in progress, and reduce false alarm fines. Modern analytics “watch” your camera 24/7 for events of interest and enhances existing security systems.


watching surveillance cameras

If you just want to make sure your children are at home safe or you are looking for a more robust system with total coverage, we can help. With simple internet cameras starting at $200, this would be a great addition on to your system. Call us to have a knowledgeable security representative come over and guide you through this process.