Alarm & Video Camera Systems in Bessemer, AL

Locking the windows and doors in your Bessemer, AL home or business is no longer enough when it comes to keeping your property secure. These days, you need to set up alarm systems to protect your home or business and your valuable possessions. On Guard Security has been helping residential and commercial property owners install home alarm systems and business alarm systems for two decades. We set up everything from state-of-the-art video camera systems with HD security cameras in homes to video surveillance systems with sophisticated surveillance cameras in businesses to improve your overall safety and security in no time.

If you wish there was a way you could keep a closer eye on your home when you’re not around, On Guard Security has you covered. Our home alarm systems include security cameras that always allow you to monitor your home. Make sure your kids get home from school, check out what’s happening by your back door, or see if who is pulling into your driveway in just seconds. The video camera systems we create for you can show you what’s going on in and around your home on your computer or smartphone. Our alarm systems offer 24/7 protection and make you feel like you’re in complete control of your home.

On Guard Security can also provide business owners with this same type of protection by installing our business alarm systems in Bessemer, AL. We can come and check out your business before recommending the right surveillance cameras and building a video surveillance system for you. This will allow you to monitor your employees more effectively, put together a loss prevention program, and closely monitor your commercial property outside of business hours. Our team, which consists of licensed technicians, former government employees, consultants, and more, can craft the perfect alarm systems for businesses and make them safer than ever before. On top of that, when you choose a local company over a national company, you get much better attention and faster service.

On Guard Security is one of the leading suppliers of alarm systems in Bessemer, AL. We offer alarm system packages designed to prevent burglaries, detect fires, and conduct surveillance. For more information on our home alarm systems or business alarm systems, call On Guard Security at 205-298-8131.