Month: January 2016

How do I test my system?

Call the monitoring station, at 205-520-0757, tell them you wish to test your system and for how long. Arm your system and leave, after the exit delay stops re-enter but do not turn off the alarm. Open any door or window you wish to test and trigger your smoke alarm. Finally turn off your system… Read more »

Will the back-up battery re-charge?

When the power returns, the battery will automatically be recharged. If the BAT dose not clear for your keypad within 24 hours call the office, you many need a new battery.

What happens when the back-up battery gets low after losing power?

When the battery gets low the word BAT will appear in the window and the keypad may beep. Entering your code and pressing OFF will stop the beeps. Don’t worry if you lose power long enough to drain your battery. When power returns the system will return to normal operation in the same state as… Read more »

What will happen if I lose power?

Our alarms have a battery back-up that will power the alarm system for 4-48 hours during a power outage. If you lose power please review these helpful hints.

How do I arm and Disarm my alarm system?

We have many models out there but 95% of them work like this. Close all the doors. If you have an Away or Stay button press and hold for 3 seconds and the system will arm. If you do not, you can simply press # & then 2 = Away or # & 3 for… Read more »

What is landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture is the art of arranging and modifying landscape for various sites to bring an aesthetic and natural look to the site. In this architectural form, a small piece of landscape is created within the given site using some of natural and man-made sources. In simple terms, it is the designing of outdoor environment… Read more »

What is Green Architecture?

Green architecture is the approach of saving energy by using sustainable energy sources and minimizing the adverse effects of modern day creations on human health and environment. It is basically the designing of buildings and structures that are environment friendly and which reduce the use of non-renewable sources in their construction. Green architects are the… Read more »